The Chevrolet Value Commitment

Even though Chevrolet is ceasing new car sales , we are still there to service and repair your car in the future through our network of authorised service centers who will continue to provide service and supply Chevrolet original parts for Chevrolet vehicles in the same manner as today.

At Chevrolet we are driven towards innovation. Towards finding new ways to make your Chevrolet experience even more rewarding. It’s what inspires us to create vehicles that are exciting to drive and equally exciting to look at. It’s what pushes us beyond the ordinary, towards the extraordinary. To produce world-class, reliable, affordable innovative South African vehicles.

Chevrolet is committed to maintain a service network across key locations in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland with staff trained to take care of all the needs of your Chevrolet for maintenance and repair. We will continue to honour your original Chevrolet vehicle warranty as well as supporting you through Chevrolet’s Roadside Assistance. We will continue to provide spare parts for your Chevrolet to support maintenance and repair of your vehicle.

Wherever you want to go, let the Chevrolet value commitment make it happen.